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Chaplaincy is a very familiar model of ministry which people may experience in many different places: hospital, armed forces, prisons, education etc.  In these cases chaplaincy is normally paid for by the receiving agency. This shows their belief in a spiritual dimension in life. 

The example for chaplaincy is taken from the story about Martin of Tours, 4th C, dividing his cloak in two and offering half to someone in need. It is at heart about being where people are and listening with them setting the agenda.

In Dorchester we seek to offer the service to retail/business listening to people as they wish. 

Chaplains are trained and commissioned by the churches in Dorchester for this work. The service is supported by Churches Together in Dorchester and District, signposted by BID and Dorchester Town Council supports the aims of the Chaplaincy Service.

Chaplains will come round over the coming months but if you would like to gain from the service from the start please contact us by clicking here

Our first commissioning service took place in South Street on 7th April 2015 with our Mayor in attendance.